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Are you struggling with insomnia?

Fall asleep quickly.
Wake less through the night.
Stop feeling worried about your sleep.

Sleep therapy to fix your insomnia and gain back control of your sleep, for good.
How can we help you?
If you feel like you've tried everything to fix your sleep  and it's just not working, then sleep therapy might be for you.

We help you to re-train your sleep behaviours and calm any racing thoughts or negative thinking patterns you have about sleep to help you feel less anxious when you go to bed. R
e-learn how to fall asleep quickly and reduce the amount of time you are awake for at night with sleep therapy.

Cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBTI) has been proven to be the most effective treatment for insomnia long term. Sign up to a free trial of our online course to access support anywhere and anytime, or book a one-to-one consultation for bespoke support with your sleep.
Lazy Morning

Does this sound familiar?

... lying in bed for hours, desperately trying to fall asleep

... wondering what else you can do to calm your racing mind

... trying to maintain a strict pre-bedtime ritual to prepare yourself for sleep, but still not sleeping well

... feeling sleepy but getting into bed and suddenly becoming more alert again

If so, you might be living with insomnia.

Answer a few questions and book a FREE call with a sleep expert today.

Learn to fall asleep within 15 minutes and reduce night-time awakenings

stop clock-watching and reduce your anxiety around going to bed

Start getting better sleep in just 2 weeks

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

Fast and easy access to sleep therapy at your fingertips

Join the community online and get high-quality, personalised treatment and support for your insomnia from the comfort of wherever you choose.

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Your toolbox for a good night's sleep


Online insomnia therapy is a simple and affordable treatment you can begin immediately.

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