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Digital Insomnia Course

Transform your sleep with our comprehensive six-week digital course. This immersive online experience is designed by sleep experts to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to reclaim restful nights.

Sleep better by redeeming your seven day free trial, cancel anytime.

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Unlock lasting improvements and access personalised insights from the comfort of your own home. Our digital insomnia course redefines the path to better sleep. This six-week program seamlessly blends expert guidance with the convenience of online learning, offering you a comprehensive solution to overcome insomnia and achieve restful nights.

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Get long-lasting better sleep. Enroll for instant access and begin fixing your sleep, right away.

No cost, no commitment. Your first week on us.

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Why choose our digital insomnia course?

  1. Flexible Learning: Access weekly videos, reading materials, and interactive worksheets from anywhere at your own pace.

  2. Personalised Feedback: Benefit from one-on-one guidance and personalised feedback from a sleep expert throughout the course, ensuring your unique challenges are addressed.

  3. Proven Cognitive Behavioural Techniques: Our course is rooted in evidence-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI) approaches, providing a solid foundation for long-term improvements.

  4. Uncover Root Causes: Understand what triggered your insomnia and discover why conventional remedies have fallen short.

What to expect?

Begin a progressive journey with weekly videos, insightful reading materials, and practical worksheets. Each week delves into different aspects of sleep, from understanding patterns to implementing proven strategies. This structured approach ensures you build a strong foundation for sustained improvements in your sleep quality.

Course content highlights

Identify Insomnia Triggers: Understand what led to your sleep challenges and why previous attempts haven't worked.

Conquer Bedtime Anxiety: Learn to ease worry about going to bed and establish a positive sleep environment.

Tackle Sleepless Nights: Discover effective strategies to implement when sleeping soundly is difficult.

Calm the Racing Mind: Learn techniques to manage a racing mind, helping you to relax for restful sleep.

Navigate Negative Thought Patterns: Address and overcome negative thought patterns contributing to sleep anxiety.

Optimise Sleep Schedule: Tailor your sleep routine for quicker sleep onset and sustained, uninterrupted rest.

Prevent Long-Term Relapse: Gain insights to ensure that your newfound sleep improvements are sustained long term.

Ready to transform your nights? Enroll in our digital insomnia course and take the first step towards a future of restful and restorative sleep.

Learn to fall asleep within 15 minutes and reduce night-time awakenings

stop clock-watching and reduce your anxiety around going to bed

Start getting better sleep in just 2 weeks

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

Self-guided CBTI may be right for you if:

You would prefer more affordable support for your sleeping difficulties (compared with one to one sessions)

You want to access support immediately to begin working on improving your sleep straight away

You have a busy schedule and can't commit to regular sessions

You want to fix your insomnia, but need remote sleep therapy where you can have access to the educational resources 24/7

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David, Plymouth

"I preferred the digital sleep therapy because I could look at the resources anytime of day or night, whenever I needed it most"

Charlotte, London

"It was great to be able to have help improving my sleep that was flexible around my schedule" 

Angus, Plymouth

"My sleep improved a lot more than I thought it would, over 6 weeks I went from 3-4 hours a night to 6-7 hours. I feel so much better!"

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