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Online Sleep Course

A six-week course of online cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBTI). Learn how to overcome insomnia and feel the benefits long-term.

What does it involve?

Over six weeks, this online guide will show you how to cure insomnia and gain control of your sleep again.

  • Sleep education - what happens when we don't sleep and how our body compensates

  • What caused your insomnia

  • How to change any anxious thinking patterns around sleep

  • What to do when you can't sleep

  • How to calm the racing mind

  • Relaxation therapies

  • Changes to your sleep routine to help you fall asleep easier and stay asleep for longer

  • Relapse prevention to ensure your sleep stays healthy in the long term

You will receive:

How does it work?

  1. Click here to enroll and pay online to begin the course, there are different payment options to suit everyone.

  2. Once you have signed up and paid online, you will be able to access the online course here or via the Log In button on the toolbar. Log in using the same details you signed up with initially.

  3. Each week, a new module will become accessible. You can watch the educational videos, take a look at the reading materials and complete the worksheets. 

  4. Every week, you are able to submit your completed worksheets and sleep diary for personalised feedback. This will provide you with additional support to keep you accountable and encourage your progress.

Money back guarantee

All sleep diaries and completed worksheets can be submitted and are reviewed. You will be provided with sleep tips and advice tailored to you and your sleep patterns. By following the advice throughout the course, your sleep is guaranteed to improve. If it doesn't, you'll get your money back!


“The guide was clear and easy to follow, once I learned how to control my racing mind I felt much more relaxed about going to bed and started sleeping for at least 6 hours a night!” 

—  Sarah M, Devon UK