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Holly Pye sleep physiologist at Stars Sleep Clinic

Holly Pye
Sleep Physiologist

Welcome to Stars Sleep Clinic where your journey to better sleep begins. My name is Holly, I'm a registered sleep physiologist based in Devon, United Kingdom.

My passion for sleep science led me to earn a First Class BSc (Hons) in Sleep Physiology, and I've since dedicated my career to managing patients with sleep disorders both privately and within the NHS, while conducting impactful research in sleep health and monitoring. I'm committed to personalised care, and I've since completed further study in cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBTI).


As soon as I started my career, I witnessed the struggle many individuals face in accessing personalised support for their sleep. I understand the frustration of those who feel unheard by their doctors, often receiving quick fixes such as sleeping pills that fail to address the root cause. This realisation fuelled my mission – to offer accessible and tailored support that integrates seamlessly into your lifestyle, allowing you to tackle the underlying issues and truly improve your sleep for the long term.

I started Stars Sleep Clinic in 2019 and ever since, I have offered a holistic approach to sleep health, incorporating the proven effectiveness of CBTI. This evidence-based technique has shown incredible results for hundreds of individuals over the years, even for those who have struggled with their sleep for many years. Join me on this journey, where a good night's sleep is not just a goal, but a sustainable reality.

What people say

"Holly's simple, easy to do and very effective recommendations meant I went from struggling to sleep for hours at night, to falling asleep within 10-15 minutes within a matter of days" - Grace R.
Person with insomnia
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