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Holly Pye sleep physiologist at Stars Sleep Clinic

Holly Pye
Sleep Physiologist

I am a registered sleep physiologist based in Devon, UK.

I studied for my degree, BSc (Hons) in Sleep Physiology and have since worked in the NHS managing patients with sleep problems and carried out research in sleep health and monitoring.

Whilst working in the NHS it became apparent how it is almost impossible to access personalised support and advice for sleep due to time constraints. Many people I speak to report feeling that their GP struggles to understand how much their sleepiness affects their daily life and are doctors are quick to offer sleeping pills which don't solve the underlying problem.


I now aim to provide support and advice that is easy to integrate into your lifestyle, allowing you to solve the cause of your troubles and improve your sleep for good. I started incorporating CBTI (cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia) into my work after discovering its amazing results, even with people who have struggled with their sleep for a long time.

Person with insomnia
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