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One Off Consultation

Want to talk to somebody about your sleep and get some advice or support to sleep better? Book a one-off consultation to tell us more about how your sleep is affecting you and we will give you some useful recommendations to implement at home.


Not everybody needs a full course of sleep therapy. If you just need some friendly advice to help you get back on track, a one off consultation is ideal.

For new clients, booking a one-off consultation might help you:

  • Work out what caused your sleeping problems

  • How to target the underlying causes of your insomnia

  • How to fall asleep faster at night

  • How to stay asleep throughout the night and stop waking up

  • Improve your sleep hygiene

For previous clients, a one-off consultation may be useful as a reminder or refresher a while after sleep therapy to help you stay on track. Some people find it helpful to have a 6 or 12 monthly follow up to review how they have been and top up any strategies they can try to resolve any sleeping problems they have encountered since their original sessions ended.

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