One Off Consultation

Sometimes it's hard to clarify what your issue with sleep is, or you just need some additional support without the commitment of a several week course.

60 minutes

Stars Sleep Clinic offers one-off consultations as well as six week courses of CBTI (cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia). They both offer different benefits.

For new clients, booking a one-off consultation to chat with a registered sleep specialist might help to clarify where your difficulties with sleep lie and what you can do to improve them. This could work for you if you're struggling with disturbed sleep or want to improve your sleep. Typically, we work with people who have insomnia, sleep apnoea, vivid dreams and more. Of course, it's impossible to go over a whole course of CBTI in one hour, but we will listen to you and help you to work out why exactly you're struggling with sleep, and then offer reasonable solutions for you to take home and implement yourself.

For previous clients, a one-off consultation may be useful as a reminder or refresher a while after your CBTI course to help you stay on track. Some people have found it helpful to have a 6 or 12 monthly follow up to review how they have been and top up any strategies they can try to resolve any sleeping problems they have encountered since their original sessions ended.